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collage melted series freek van zoest

Melted Series,

A large part of my book collection exist out of old, discarded or second hand art books filled with rich imagery of historical paintings. I felt the necessity to investigate them and to let them be involved in a variety of collages. By analysing the images and a repetitive process of navigating through the books, I aim to find relations between the different artworks that I come across. The selection of images are based on colour, composition and its representation. With an eye for detail I try to find connecting elements within the different works of art. Carefully, interceptions are made in order for the multiple images to melt together. Once an interception is made, new ones will follow up, which lead to more possibilities and more elements to play with. During the creation of the collages I try to appreciate the image in its full potential. Solitary pieces seem to be part of complex puzzles and the cut outs already know their own place within a composition, they only need to be discovered. Not only am I recreating the image but also reconstructing the pages into one, on which the page number, titles and dates are combined. New narratives are created with a surrealistic twist to it.

The Raw Cases - DOOR, Dordrecht - 2021

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