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There is a power in the interaction between the world and human perception. In our interaction with the world we irrevocably give meaning to the things we encounter. The phenomenal world evokes abstract narratives in humanity. This implication is often created uncounsiously: the signs are hidden far away in our subconscious, but also in myths and religious stories. In this way, our deepest self is connected with things that surround us. My pursuit is to find symbolic and mystic imagery which can be found by experimenting with compositions. Through drawing, I am able to express this partly ‘unconscious’ proces of creation. My images are created by the ability within our perception to repeatedly see more then just the object itself. While the pencil is touching the paper I aim to open the doors between reality and my imaginative world. This process does not only absorb my thoughts, but also offers a opportunity to discover refined images. The different drawing techniques I use are charcoal, pencil and ink. In addition, I paint with oil colours which are applied to my sculptural work which consist of ceramic and wood.

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