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Freek van Zoest (1993),

The reason why I am so fascinated by the language of the visual is because the thoughts in my head have always been generated in image. Since I was a kid, those thoughts started to come alive by drawing lines onto a piece of paper. The drawings where a doorway to my inner world of fantasy that still remains a crucial tool until the present. A unified and purified image can be found within the situation of this ‘visual thinking’. In order to do so, I have to dive deep into the subtle details of my vision to discover the imagery that I am longing for. Meanwhile, I explore the thoughts through the process of creating sketches and prototypes under the influence of craftsmanship.


My imagination is driven by symbolic language. Any subject or object that exist around us is able to become a representation for an abstract story. The composed works of art that I create consist out of those underlying narratives and should be able to provide the spectator with an occupied mind for a while. The symbols I make use off, I do like to define as marks or tokens. And the most intriguing thing about them, is their power to alter one’s own significance when composed with another. The concepts that I digest in my work happens to be thoughts regarding to the natural philosophy, propped by mythological and religious imagery. With those themes I aim to elevate (reinterpreted) historical time frames to the contemporary and challenge their communicative potential today.

Mainly my ideas are explored on the paper with various techniques. In addition to drawing, my art practise consist of sculptures of ceramic and wood and there is a slight shift taking place in expanding my art practise with oil paint. I am trying to act as a mediator between the two- and three-dimensional world of art.

All of the latter is expressed in a genre of art that I describe as surrealistic and mysterious with the capability to reveal itself as poetry.

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